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Deep Learning as a Service: we are the makers of the Open Source Deep Learning API and server DeepDetect, and more. We are a groupd of former AI senior researchers with 10y to 20y experience.

- Deep Learning models, from PoC to productions: over a 100 models for customers in 2018, from cybersecurity to image search

- Full Deep Learning Open Source platform for engineers, developers & data scientists: deployed to over 250 data scientists at top French SSII, and > 150K public downloads

- Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Reinforcement Learning / Optimization booster for your project, with knowledge transfer to our customers.

* Applications

- Cyber-security: Some mega-corps run our deep learning service for malware detection. Another one detects anomalies in logs with our custom application.

- Content & Media: Some large corporations and startups run our deep learning server for content filtering and moderation.

- Images & Search: Some e-shops and aerospace agencies search and recommend visual elements running our pipeline.

- Predictive maintenance & time-series: Top high-tech and aerospace corporations replace physical models with our predictive models.

- Embedded systems: our neural network Open Source stack runs from Cloud to raspberries and deploys to construction sites and factories, including air-gaped premises.

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Deep Learning
Machine Learning
Reinforcement Learning
Planning under Uncertainty

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